The hospital's location and design

A highly specialized university hospital caring for the most seriously injured and sick patients must have external and internal surroundings with high architectural value that give rise to a feeling harmony and safety - that is, a humane hospital. The New Karolinska Solna will be given a design that combines the university hospital's significant size with an attractive modern architecture that gives people space. Light, space and functionality characterize the internal surroundings with generous public spaces and many meeting places for people in both healthcare and research.


The hospital entrance hall with the southern exit facing the square at Hagastaden in the background. 

A new hospital in a new city district
The New Karolinska Solna will be located in the southwestern part of the Karolinska University Hospital premises, near the intersection of Solnavägen - and highway E4/E20. A new square will be created between the hospital's main entrance in the north, the Karolinska Institutet's entrance in the west and the new city district Hagastaden in the south. A new communal transport solution, consisting of either subway or light rail/tram is planned with a station adjacent to the square.

Five buildings with health care activites in the south, which are connected by a transparant glass mantle building. The "Academic mall" runs between the health care district and the research quarter, linking Karolinska University Hospital with Karolinska Institutet, over Solnavägen via a bridge.

Design and structure
The hospital building design is based on a rectangular district structure, which will form a continuation of the inner city neighborhood. Five buildings with care activities will be linked together via a transparent mantle glass structure. The research buildings that are integral to both the health care district and the Karolinska Institutet's new laboratory, west of Solnavägen, will be located at the north of the health care district.

The Academic Mall, with the healthcare buildings to the left, the new research building and present Thorax-building (thoracic) to the right and the Karolinska Instiutet's new auditorium in the background.