The artworks at the new hospital

The County Council’s Culture Administration leads the work on artistic design in the New Karolinska Solna project, the single largest art project ever for a public environment in Sweden.

Foto av konstverket Puls
Photo: Fredrik Sweger

The art programme encompasses both artworks that areintegrated with the buildings, and completed works that can be moved (e.g. paintings and sculptures). There will be art everywhere: inside and outside, in staff areas and care environments, in entrances and in waiting rooms. The artworks at the new hospital will interact with the architecture and interior decoration and contribute to a visually attractive environment for the hospital as a whole. It is also an important element in creating a good care environment.

Recent scientific studies have shown that art can have a positive influence on rehabilitation and other care processes. But art must also be art in its own right and bring a humanistic, aesthetic and poetic dimension to its surroundings.

People at the centre
Placing people at the centre, both patients and their relatives, permeates all work on art in the project.  The art will also make a positive contribution to the staff’s working environment.

The art programme in the NKS project is in full swing and involves both artists who are at the sketching stage and others who are putting the finishing touches to their creations. Art must also take into account, and function in harmony with, the work that goes on at the hospital. Great emphasis is therefore laid on the coordination between design, construction and administration.

Art programme
A project team with representatives of the Culture Administration has drawn up a set of guidelines for the artworks at the new hospital. The foundation for the work is the art programme devised by the Culture Administration in collaboration with representatives from healthcare and architects in the construction project, the aim of which is to have clearly defined goals for the art programme.

Briefly put, it links the art project’s work to the construction project’s goals: to be effective and contribute to new knowledge, create attractive, human environments, make optimal use of resources, permit continuous development of the hospital’s activities, take a prioritised and distinct role in the city, and have a sustainability perspective. If you would like to learn more, you can download the art programme for New Karolinska Solna.

The Culture Administration has set up a web-based CV database, Konstnärsbasen [The Artist Database],, through which artists can very simply register their interest in county council design commissions and receive information about future commissions. You can find more information on the Culture Administration’s website at

Information and contact:
Cecilia von Schantz
Kulturförvaltningen, Stockholms läns landsting
Telefon: 08-123 37 864