Photo: Oscar Mannerström

Photo: Oscar Mannerström

The first pictures of colourful artwork

In the part of the new hospital still under construction, several works of art will be installed in the next few months. Johan Scott’s colourful work “Nördliche Dämmerung” (Northern Twilight) was recently installed in the restaurant adjacent to Karolinska University Hospital’s future main entrance.

The artwork consists of 168 individual parts, which were set up piece by piece. The material is oil paint on poplar panel. The artist’s premise was to let the various colour’s own nature come to full fruition on their own panels and then combine all of them in a whole. Some colours are dull and heavy, while others are light, transparent and lustrous. In the combined image, one can perceive a light that finds its way diagonally down into the room.

The restaurant where the artwork is located will open in 2018, when the main entrance and the rest of the new hospital building will be brought into operation.

More about the artist: Johan Scott was born in 1953 in Mariehamn, Åland. He lives and works in Stockholm. He attended the Royal Institute of Art and has been a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts since 2002.