Furnishing at New Karolinska Solna is not included within the PPP Agreement (Public Private Partnership, furnishing is procured separately. Nyréns Arkitektkontor has been appointed interior architect for New Karolinska Solna. The assignment entails the creation of an interior concept encompassing furniture, soft furnishings and interior lighting. The interior concept will serve as a basis for the upcoming procurement of furnishing or by awarding a contract based on existing framework agreement.

Illustration by White Tengbom Team. A future lounge in the hospital.
Please note that the furniture on the picture is only a design example

The interior concept is to take into account the design and artwork programmes at NKS. The interior concept shall also fulfil healthcare requirements regarding hygiene guidelines, accessibility and function. Great importance is also placed on environmental requirements in the production and delivery of furniture, as well as requirements concerning sustainable and approved materials.

The interior concept is subdivided as follows:

  • Public environments
  • Healthcare environments
  • Staff environments
  • Conference and training environments
  • Office environments

Contact information:
Gunda Höckenström
Project Manager
E-mail: gunda.hockenstrom@sll.se
Phone: +46 70-168 40 76