Planning and Construction Work

The construction of the New Karolinska Solna (NKS) started in the summer of 2010.

Construction area and construction stages
The construction of the NKS project will be carried out in a number of different building stages.

The current construction area, south of the Thorax-buildning, extends from Solnavägen in the west, to the hospital grounds in the east and the E4/E20 in the south.

Map over the construction site and the present Karolinska University Hospital area
Map Explanations:
- Yellow areas: construction site
- Blue areas: present Karolinska University Hopstial
- Red Line: general driving path
- Blue dashed line: walking path 

Map over the hospital area, valid from 20 november 2016

For enquiries regarding disruptions due to the construction of the New Karolinska Solna project, please contact Skanska Healthcare AB.
Phone: +46 10-448 74 77 or e-mail: