NKS has reached the halfway point

On 17 December a well-attended lunch mingle was arranged to mark the NKS project reaching the halfway point. At the same time, the hospital’s façades were illuminated in the new hospital’s official colours. Read more>>

First art work at NKS inaugurated

Friday 30 August, the first work of art at New Karolinska Solna was inaugurated; a 340 s.qm. tile mosaic. >> Read more about the inauguration

Emergency Department

The emergency department is located at the Eastern side of the healthcare building, facing Anna Stecksén's street. The red glass façade will be decorated with art work.


The heliport can accommodate two helicopters at the same time. Elevators provide quick access to the trauma department on floor 5.

Entrance hall

The entrance hall is situated adjacent to Solnavägen and facing towards the Karolinska square. It is three storeys high and provides a bright and welcoming environment.

Single rooms for all inpatients

New Karolinska Solna puts the patient’s safety, privacy and comfort first – for example by introducing single rooms with private bathrooms as standard for all inpatients.

NKS Showroom

Construction progress